Academic Program


MAKSI’s prospective students who coming from non-accounting or accounting departement with unsufficient TVK score, must go through the matriculation program (quarterly quality) to directly enter the regular. Matriculation will be hold within 4 months. Consists of four courses with 12 sessions during the course, post test once a week instead of the mid-exam for weekday classes, and in the end with the quarterly quality’s final exam. Minimum GPA that must be achieved to get into the regular for students who complete the matriculation program is 3.00.


After completed the matriculation programme, the students will entered to regular period for 4 trimester with 45 units of trimester’s credit (SKT or Satuan Kredit Trimester in Indonesian). From first trimester to third trimester obtain the course material with a total of 39 SKC. Third trimester is a consentration time which has been set on the second trimester. Fourth trimester used to take the thesis with total of 6 SKC.