Exam’s Terms

Exam Procedures

  1. Please come in 15 minutes before the test begins.
  2. Please take a seat in accordance from the presence list.
  3. Please bring the student ID card.
  4. Books and bags must be placed in front of the class (except for open-book exam).
  5. Cooperation between partisipant, or exchanging books/stationery/other supplies are prohibited when open-book exam.
  6. Any cheating will not be tolerated.
  7. Leaving the room are prohibited except with the permission from officer.
  8. Talking and chatting during the exam are prohibited, as well as communicate using device such as cellphone.
  9. After exam is over, the paperwork must left in each place to collected by officers.
  10. For students who completed the test before the time is over, are welcome to leave the room calmly and orderly.