Academic Ethics

Based on letter of statement/agreement that has been signed by the students, there are stated that:

  1. Will obey all regulations that applied in the MAKSI program and around the University of Gadjah Mada
  2. Voluntarily return the diploma that was accepted if it's known in later days for completing the study, do things that violate the rules, especially the plagiarism in the preparation of thesis.
  3. Any action that can make bad name for MAKSI program (such as plagiarism, forgery and fraud), it'll not be torelated where the person who concerned will be subject to drop out.
  4. If by the authorities sentenced as a convicted because proved to have a violation of law, statue or norms that prevailing in Indonesia, the person who concerned will be subject to drop out.
  5. Not allowed to perform actions of extortion or threats to the lecturer, other student, employee or manager to get help.
  6. Doesn't providing or promising money or compensation in any form to the manager, lecturer or employer to influence the assessment or selection process.
  7. Not allowed to take action that leads to sexual harassment or attempt sexual abuse.